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Agency Business Package

We provide a full set of 200 agency letter, admin, marketing and legal templates as part of our letting and estate agency business package. 

  • Available for immediate download and fully editable and available
  • Included in all our business package options
  • One year support provided
  • Documentation is also provided for 1) Scotland or 2) N Ireland on request.

The following set of forms and documents come complete with the purchase of the our business package. 

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Letting Agency Documents 

Included in our business start up package 

Our full set of lettings documents and templates are included as part of our business package or can be purchased separately

  • Letting Agency Terms of Business for list only, tenant find, part managed and fully managed. Service options combined into one agreement or supplied on an individual service / agreement basis. 
  • Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement (AST) for private residential tenancies. 
  • High Rent Tenancy Agreement for tenancies over £100k per annum. 
  • Company Let Agreement for company tenants. 
  • Lodger Agreement for resident landlords. 
  • Room Let Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement (AST) for tenants renting out an individual room with shared communal areas, also suitable for some HMO's. 
  • Holiday Let Agreement for short term furnished lets excluded from the housing act where it is proven the property is used for holiday or b&b purposes. 
  • Tenancy Deposit Prescribed Information legally required to give to the tenant separately to the tenancy agreement which details where and how the bond is registered.
  • Lead Tenant Declaration agreed by all tenant parties who is responsible for handling the deposit at the end of the tenancy.  
  • Pet addendum for attachment to the tenancy agreement providing terms applicable to keeping a pet at the property. 
  • Deed of Guarantee to be signed by the person agreed to be guarantor for an agreed tenancy.  
  • Section 13 (2) notice Housing Act 1988 to be served on the tenant when proposing to increase rent during a periodic tenancy. 
  • Notice to Quit (Non Housing Act) to be served on tenants whose tenancies fall outside the Housing Act when giving notice to an end a tenancy. 
  • Section 21 Notice to serve notice on tenants who have an assured short-hold tenancy to bring the tenancy to an end. 
  • Section 8 Notice to serve on tenants who are in breach of their agreement which requires notice to be given to end the tenancy. 
  • Holding Deposit Agreement Terms to lay out the terms in respect of receiving money from a tenant to reserve a property.
  • Section 48 Notice which notifies the tenant of an address to contact the Landlord for serving notices and sending payment of rent. 
  • Inventory of Contents and Schedule of Condition which details the contents and condition of the property before the agreed commencement date of the tenancy and which is cross referenced upon the tenant moving out. 
  • Deed of Power of Attorney to nominate someone to act on behalf of the Landlord in their absence in respect of legal matters.
  • Rent Arrears Letters ( x3 ) providing a set process for informing tenants of their obligations in respect of rent arrears before a forced eviction potentially begins. 
  • Notice of cancellation in respect of consumer regulations which includes a waiver permitting an agent to commence work immediately upon signing up a new Landlord. 
  • Cash-flow forecasts and local market research sheets to help with your financial projections for your first financial year. 
  • Landlords Letting Brochure for presenting your service to prospective Landlords. 
  • Tenants Information Guide for explaining the processes involved in renting a property. 
  • Northern Ireland Tenancy Documentation for agents operating in Northern Ireland, we provide the equivalent legal documentation. 
  • Scotland Tenancy Documentation for agents operating in Scotland, we provide the equivalent Scottish documentation. 
  • Complete suite of administrative documentation including all letters, application forms, checklists, client forms and agency admin forms which all tie into an overall process of working. 
  • Leaflet templates to promote your key selling points. 

Estate Agency Documents

Included in our business start up package

Our full set of estate agency documents and templates are included as part of our business package or can be purchased separately

  • Estate agency terms of business for list only, sole agency, multiple agency, no sale no fee, pay up front and deferred. Service options combined into one agreement or supplied on an individual service /agreement basis. 
  • Memorandum of sale pack to be served to the buyer, the seller and their solicitors outlining the agreed particulars in respect of an agreed sale.  
  • Appraisal / survey sheet to be completed at the appraisal appointment for record keeping and to help complete an accurate valuation of the property. 
  • Agency introduction letter to introduce your company, available services and unique selling points.
  • Market appraisal confirmation letter to confirm your appointment to carry out a formal valuation. 
  • Market appraisal follow up letter to confirm the valuation of the property and remind the vendor of your unique selling points with information on how to instruct your agency. 
  • Instruction confirmation to thank the vendor for their instruction and to advise of the next steps. 
  • Staging appointment confirmation to confirm the date of your visit to take room measurements, take photographs and prepare the property for marketing. 

  • Sellers checklist to help guide the seller through the sale process from instructing your agency at the beginning to when the sale completes. 
  • Confirmation of offer received from buyer to confirm in writing receipt of a buyer offer 
  • Confirmation of offer received to seller to confirm in writing receipt of a buyer offer 
  • Confirmation of offer accepted to buyer to send to the buyer once a sale price is agreed 
  • Confirmation of offer accepted to seller to send to the seller once a sale price is agreed 
  • Viewing feedback request letter to send to the prospective buyer for their feedback on the property 
  • Request best and final letter to outline the terms in respect of obtaining best and final offers from prospective buyers 
  • Confirmation withdrawal letters to seller and buyer to notify when the buyer withdraws from a sale 
  • Agency sale checklist to guide you through the process of a sale from start to completion 
  • Agency property instruction checklist to guide you through the process of instructing a property 
  • Individual ID docs request from buyers and sellers for proof of ID and ownership 
  • Viewing follow up marketing offer letter to send to prospective buyers who may be interested in selling their own property or referring a friend 
  • Sales marketing brochure to present services to the seller 
  • Advert approval request to request confirmation on advert particulars before marketing commences 
  • Price change confirmation to send to the seller upon changing the sale price 
  • Confirmation market launch letter to send when upon launching a property advert
  • Confirmation sale fallen through to send when a property sale has fallen through 
  • Staging report sheet to take to the property when taking information to later help you create the property advert 
  • Letter confirming association with relative or associated company to send in line with the Estate Agency Act which protects consumers from a potential conflict of interest 
  • Ultimatum letter to buyer and seller to outline concerns in respect of a delayed exchange of contracts which could result in a property being put back on the market. 
  • Cash-flow forecast and local market research sheets in respect of planning for your first financial year 
  • Sellers property questionnaire to collect vital information from the seller in respect of the property you're selling 
  • Confirmation of a buyers intention to develop a site and sell all assets in line with the Estate Agency Act 
  • Unsuccessful appraisal letter to thank the seller for the opportunity to value their property and to be kept in mind for the future 
  • Confirmation of completion to buyer and seller 
  • Confirmation of completion to buyer and seller solicitors 
  • Leaflet templates to promote your key selling points
  • Complete suite of additional documentation to tie in all admin processes and procedures including solicitors letters 

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