SEO and Social Media Package

Included in our complete package or available separately for £400

Link and Directory Building

Included in our complete package, we will help you set up real time google analytics in order to monitor the performance of your website and build white hat (SEO friendly) links to your website, including submissions to 100 of the most popular UK business directories. This will help build the presence of your website even faster and is an important factor when considering search engine optimisation and building an online presence.  All submissions will be relevant to your market and will provide a link back to your website where possible. We will work in line with Googles guidelines to ensure a consistent trend is visible via your analytics in respect of SEO.

SEO and Complete Google Analytics

Its important to see how your website is performing in terms of individual page performance, web traffic, landing pages and keywords. We will help you set this up with your own login account in line with Googles best guidelines. This includes daily, weekly and monthly reports and real time data monitoring.

Social Media Marketing

We will promote your key selling points and brand in a series of launch posts to generate an immediate presence and brand awareness. Also, we will manage and post on your social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, helping you to expand and maintain your reach to prospective clients in the local area.

Professional Corporate Video

You will also receive a professionally made advertising video with your branding which you can optionally share on your website or boost on social media to a specific demographic group of your choice.

Marketing Graphics

Graphics and collateral will be made accessible so that you can market your brand most effectively across all marketing channels.

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