How can you help me start an estate agency?

We provide the full operational blueprint which provides you with all the tools, systems, processes, and digital platform, including one-to-one support and mentoring where it is required. For ambitious people who wish to start an estate agency, we provide the straightforward route to joining our industry, saving them lots of time and lots of money.  

How do I collect fees?

From Landlords, your fees are deducted and collected from rent received from the tenant. This removes the risk of non or late payment and frees up more time to concentrate on building the business. When offering a sales service, agents are increasingly offering two types of service; a self-service option, which requires payment in advance, or a full-service option, which is a higher fee and payable upon completion of sale, out of completion monies received by the vendors solicitor.

Should I start my business from home?

Yes, wherever possible, you will need to keep your overheads to a minimum and enjoy the flexibility that working from home brings. 98% of people search for property online, therefore a high street office is not required, and you will benefit from a significant trading advantage. Your website will serve as your shop window. All tasks can be completed online or carried out at the property. The time to consider an office space will be at the point you are ready to employ people to help you manage and expand the business further.

How long will it take to start trading?

You will need to read the first few sections of our training and operating manual and become familiar with the documents and templates we provide, complete your initial local market research, and prepare your office processes and procedures. When you are ready, you can use our "rapid start up marketing plan" to kick start your new business, generating leads and valuations quickly by using our proven unique selling points, networking techniques, and social media to differentiate your business from the competition.

What is it like to be an estate agent?

You will enjoy the job that you do. It is non-repetitive with every day bringing new and exciting challenges and you will enjoy working locally with a healthy balance between being in and out of the office. You will meet new people daily, and you'll have the satisfaction of delivering an essential service to your local community.

What will my running costs be?

All the necessary tools and components required are included in our package and assuming you'll start from home or an existing office, any additional costs should be nominal. Our methods provided as part of our rapid marketing start-up plan are virtually cost-free and we also include the necessary promotional material required. Of course, it is assumed that most people will already have essential items such as their laptop or computer, printer, office telephone, a digital camera, and filing units, and of course, be prepared for any variable expenditure based on your business activity such as travel costs and stationery items.

Who pays for the maintenance of tenanted properties?

The tenancy agreement is between the tenant and the owner of the property; therefore, the Landlord is responsible for general maintenance and repairs. Your role will be to liaise between the tenant and your contractor on carrying out repairs, deducting any expense from rent received, before forwarding any remaining balance to the Landlord. We show this process clearly as part of your training.

Is the package easy to understand?

We receive great feedback from our clients on the clarity of the business package and how clearly each step is laid out. We have focused on ensuring that you carry out what you need to do in a time-efficient process that is designed to cover all the essential requirements and practical understanding of starting up and operating a modern-day estate agency.

How long am I entitled to free telephone and email support?

Complete business package customers enjoy unlimited free telephone and email support. In a short space of time, you can be familiar with key areas of the business on which even those who have been trading for years may have fallen behind. You will be working for yourself but not by yourself. 

Can I use the domain I have already purchased elsewhere?

We will credit you the cost of your domain and will point the existing domain to the website server.

Is it necessary to use software?

Letting and estate agency software will help free up your time on general administration and accounting tasks. Many start-ups may opt to use alternative data management systems such as Microsoft excel in the early stages, however, in our opinion, it is wise to start using software where possible from the start. Our start up package includes the significant benefit of providing you with a choice of market leading software solutions, so that your agency can be digitalised from the beginning. 

What about the competition?

As the market enjoys sustained growth, there is increasing demand and room for new agents. Also, if other agents are trading in your area, this proves that the market is active. We will help you stand out from the competition with proven key selling points to help you win instructions. Remember that the average Landlord has several properties, so you don't necessarily need a large client base to make an impact and generate a decent income, particularly when combined with the additional revenue streams you can benefit from. 

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