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Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions in respect of our service.

How can you help me start an agency?

We have an advantage in that we do have our own agency arm to the business which gives reassurance to our agents that what they'll receive is modern, up to date and fit for the current market. Our agency, propertynest is also accredited by the NAEA which demonstrates that you'll be learning and operating in line with best industry practice. 

Our operations manuals provide in total 25 sections, making up 480 pages which details every practical aspect in respect of initially setting up, marketing, day to day operations, accounts and legislation.  We also include 1-2-1 ongoing telephone and email support if required. In addition to this, we provide over 175 modern templates including letters, administration documents, marketing templates, agreements and legal notices, which all tie into an up to date and efficient operating process. 

Having set up in modern times and by also having our own currently trading agency arm of the business, we are best placed to advise on what works in today's market and reveal the most effective and innovative key selling points which will help boost the growth of your agency which also costs very little in advertising.  

We are also unrivalled on the quality of website product you'll benefit from, using cutting edge technology built on the most up to date framework available.  

How do I collect fees?

In respect of your charges to Landlords, your fees are deducted and collected from rent received from the tenant. This removes the risk of non or late payment and also frees up more time to concentrate on building the business. When offering a sales service, agents are increasingly offering two types of service; a self-service option, which requires payment in advance, or a full service option, which is a higher fee and payable upon completion of sale out of completion monies received by the vendors solicitor. 

Should I start my business from home?

Yes, wherever possible, you'll need to keep your overheads to a minimum, especially when you're just starting your new agency. 98% of people search for property online, therefore a high street office isn't required, and you'll benefit from a significant trading advantage. Your website will serve as your shop window, which is important since we offer the most advanced web solution of any other business package provider. In respect of to sending or receiving paperwork and money, all tasks can be completed online or be carried out at the property. Also, your first meeting point with a prospective tenant or Landlord will always be at the property.  Once you've built a large enough property portfolio and able to support the cost of an office, this is the time to consider the option, in the meantime you should enjoy the added convenience and flexibility of working from home if you can.

How long before I can start trading?

You'll need to read the first few sections of our training and operating manual and become familiar with the documents and templates we provide, complete your initial local market research and prepare your office processes and procedures. When you're ready, you can use our "rapid start up marketing plan" to kick start your new business.  

If you wish, you can start in as little as a week. For our combined package plus clients, through social media which is incredibly successful, you can benefit from accelerating the growth of your agency by promoting proven key selling points in order to differentiate your business from the competition and generate leads and valuations quickly. Please ask for more information on our social media services.  

What are the start up costs?

We've developed the most modern, successful and comprehensive letting-estate agency start up package in the UK as the ideal alternative to the highly expensive route of buying and operating a letting or estate agency franchise. All the necessary tools and components required are included in our package and assuming you'll start from home or an existing office, any additional costs should be nominal. 

We demonstrate numerous effective methods to help secure new landlord and vendor instructions quickly, also providing a list of unique selling points which will help you stand out from the competition and finding tenants and buyers is even easier. 

Our methods provided as part of our rapid marketing start up plan are virtually cost free and we also include the necessary promotional material required. Of course, it is assumed that the majority of people will already have essential items such as their laptop or computer, printer, office telephone, a digital camera and filing units and of course be prepared for any variable expenditure based on your business activity such as travel costs and stationery items. 

Whats it like to be a letting or estate agent?

You will enjoy the job that you do. It's non-repetitive with everyday bringing new and exciting challenges and you'll enjoy working locally with a healthy balance between being in and out of the office. You'll meet new people on a daily basis and you'll have the satisfaction of delivering an essential service to your local community.  

Is the package easy to understand?

Yes, we've put great effort into making our training/operating manual as clear as possible by splitting all aspects of setting up and running your business into clear sections which are laid out in a step by step format. We also cover the most common scenarios you'll face when setting up and operating on a daily basis, including an understanding of important legislation when managing or selling property. In addition to this, all the agency, letter and marketing documents we provide are designed in a modern customer friendly format which tie into a proper process of working. We'll help you set up the most modern and efficient filing and accounting system which works in line with best industry practice and which will help free up crucial time to build your business even quicker. More information on what's included in the operational manual can be found on the letting and estate agency manual page. Of course, you'll always have the use of our 1-2-1 ongoing telephone and email support for continued reassurance. 

How long am I entitled to free telephone and email support?

We place no time limit on how much support we give our clients. In a short space of time, you can be familiar with key areas of the business on which even those who have been trading for years may have fallen behind.

Can I use the domain I have already purchased elsewhere?

Absolutely fine. In fact we will credit you the cost of your domain as thought you hadn't bought it before joining us and will point the existing domain to the IP, or we can advise you how to do this yourself.

Is it necessary to use software?

Letting and estate agency software will help free up your time on general administration and accounting tasks. Many start ups may opt to use alternative data management systems such as Microsoft excel in the early stages, however in our opinion, it's wise to start using software where possible from the start. Our start up package includes the significant benefit of providing you with a choice of market leading software solutions, so that your agency can be digitalised from the beginning. 

What about the competition?

As the market enjoys sustained growth, there is increasing demand and room for new agents. Also, if other agents are trading in your area, this proves that there is a locally active market. We will help you stand out from the competition with proven key selling points to help you win instructions. Remember that the average Landlord has several properties, so you don't necessarily need a large client base to make an impact and generate a decent income, particularly when combined with the additional revenue streams that come from being a letting or estate agent. Ultimately, If you're determined and adopt our proven approach, you will succeed. 

Why dont you offer a franchise?

The market has changed massively, allowing agents to work easily from home, mainly because 98% of people now search for properties online. Success in our industry is driven by individuals who are proactive and understand how to engage with people from all walks of life. In our opinion, this places all agents on a level playing field and removes the need for a franchise in order to successfully start up and become an agent in our industry. 


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