Rapid Start Up Marketing Plan

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Our rapid start-up marketing plan is included in our step by step operating manual and demonstrates the most effective methods to attract new landlords and vendors and how to kick start your business. See below...

Growing a letting agency

(see below for estate agents)

The most obvious question before starting is what comes first, the Landlord or the Tenant?  We demonstrate the correct approach, not just for when starting but for when you're established as well. 

Some of the most effective methods of sourcing new Landlords and Tenants are virtually cost free and don't require any spend on advertising. From our experience, we know what works and what doesn't work. For example, running an ad in a local magazine doesn't provide an immediate return. Also, the majority of Landlords you'll work with don't live locally so possibly wouldn't see your ad anyway. 

The internet has had a huge impact on our market, with 98% of people now searching for properties online. This places all agents on a level playing field where it can be easily demonstrated that a high street presence isn't required. Demand for rental property is so high, that finding tenants in the current market can be achieved by advertising on free portals alone, such as Nethouseprices, Onedome, Facebook Market Place, Nestoria are great for helping new letting agents to find tenants quickly and to build that initial traction. Of course, should you also consider using paid portals, many are start up friendly, offering heavily discounted rates to help your business grow in the early stages. Whilst appreciating the fact that tenants are easy to source, Landlord's will be more keen to learn about your ongoing service.   

One of the advantages when offering Landlords your service, it will be on a "No Let No Fee" basis, which means no initial risk or expense to your Landlord. We provide a list of unique selling points which will help you differentiate yourself from the competition. For example, as a smaller independent agent, you can boast being able to dedicate more time to your Landlords and being more accessible vs larger agencies where it's more likely that hitting targets is more of an importance to them.  Your focus must be on demonstrating to Landlords how you will look after their property on an ongoing basis and to promote your key strengths for being able to achieve this well. Based on our own experience, we can show you how to achieve this. You can offer free rent guarantee and legal cover as an incentive should your fully managed service be taken, which can also provide an additional future revenue stream for your agency. We do provide the necessary up to date and modern marketing templates to help you when pitching your service.  The average landlord owns 8 properties which means you don't necessarily need a large landlord client base to do well. 

Growing an estate agency

When setting up an estate agency business, your target market would be local vendors, who normally live in the property you'd be offering to sell. Agents are increasingly offering two types of service: a self service option, which normally requires the client to pay in advance, and a full service option, which requires payment upon completion of sale out of completion monies received. We demonstrate the most effective ways of promoting these services. By offering a self service option, you can achieve immediate cash-flow whilst at the same time building up a solid pipeline of sales achieved from your full service option.  

98% of prospective buyers will search for property online, making it easier to find buyers. This also allows you to work from home, saving thousands in operating costs. We demonstrate unique selling points which will help you stand out from other local agents. For example, we'd recommend that you promote a personal service by giving your client one main point of contact throughout the entire sale process. We also explain how to negotiate the maximum sale price on a property and include various techniques on how to correctly manage and handle any potential snagging or chain management issues.  

The most effective methods of sourcing new leads, sales valuations and instructions are included in our step by step rapid start up marketing plan and we explain proven social media strategies which are both low in cost and highly effective at driving traffic to your website. Again, we provide the necessary marketing templates to ensure that you have the best and most modern presentation to impress your prospective clients with.

We include property website uploading software

We include automated software which allows you to input your data just once and uploads to all property portals, whether it be Rightmove, Zoopla or free property websites. With our system you can upload to well over 200 property portals worldwide, including more than 40 free websites.

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