Software Integration

Should you be used to or already using a software which you intend to start your new agency with such as 10 ninety, Jupix, Alto, Dezrez, Jupix, Expert Agent or any other provider who offers an integration service, we provide flexibility by allowing you to freely integrate your website with most third party providers. 

Of course we do provide our own in built software as part of our website and complete packages, which includes portal uploading and marketing management, however we have also developed incoming data feed systems to provide our customers flexibility on how they wish to operate. Free integration set up is included with our website and complete package. 

Regardless of which CRM is used to integrate with your website, the key benefit of this system is to save hours of time by allowing you to update your data in one place, rather than having to update your website and CRM separately. 

This will also make the transfer to your new website run very smoothly, because your day to day operation and uploads to the portals will not be impacted in the process of transitioning from one CRM or website provider to another, thus giving you flexibility and more control in order to avoid being tied in with just one website and/or CRM provider. 

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