When deciding on which route to take into the market, it's important to consider which training provider gives you the best chance of success.

The Importance of comprehensive inventory reports when managing property

The majority of letting agents who currently operate in the UK are still working with basic word document templates

Why there is an increase in demand for rental properties

Younger generations including young families with children are renting properties for longer

Choosing the right name for your estate agency?

Traditionally, start up estate agents would call their business after their family name or after the starting founders

Help To Buy Scheme Will Make Things Worse!!!

The Bank Of England warned that the governments extensive roll out of their help to buy scheme could lead to another housing bubble

Letting Agency Business Tenant Fees and Set Up – England and Wales

Order to stop letting fees being charged to Tenants at the beginning and/or throughout a tenancy.

Are Online Letting Agents The Future?

All letting agents are effectively now advertising online

Why Own A Letting Agency?

Why owning a letting agency is so financially lucrative, even in time of recession.

Give Your Letting Agency The Best Chance Of Success

The housing market has become more erratic and unpredictable over the past few years

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